Accounting did not appear yesterday or the day before yesterday, not even last Thursday. For centuries it has remained our ally and is helping to understand where we are and where we are going.
Bookkeeping is not only about tax calculation. It registers your income and costs today, thus helping to prognosticate and manage tomorrow and giving a chance to earn profit, and that is the goal - is it not?

Can a business do without bookkeeping?

Most likely the answer is no. Bookkeeping is working for you! A bookkeeper is an indispensable person in a company – that goes without saying, and it is of no importance whether the company is big or small.

Why is it preferable to choose an accounting company?

Because in this case you get not only one, but several bookkeepers, who are always at your service and the knowledge of several bookkeepers will be vaster than that of one only. An accounting company does not need a sick leave, it works without a holiday, it has no bad moods and needs no equipped work place. When making a choice between a bookkeeper and outsourcing an accounting company even on a precondition that the qualifications do not differ, the services of the latter will be less expensive by all means. And the most important is that the outsourced accounting company is liable for its work performance.

And as concerns the taxes there is one thing to keep in mind – the bookkeeper should learn about your new business idea five minutes after it is born in your head and certainly at least fifteen minutes BEFORE its implementation. It will safeguard you against tax risks.
If you are ready for that – we are expecting to see you in our office.

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